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Injection Molding


Meixing now has 48 sets injection molding machines,main processing in automotive parts, office equipment ,home appliance parts and medical parts. The main products are: 1) automotive: bumpers, bumper garnish, instrument panels, headlights, light transmission bars, fenders, switch panels and brackets, etc. 2) office equipment: mower engine cover, lawn mower wheel covers, etc. 3) Home appliances: Air conditioning grille, medical car grille, washing machine shell.  Some of our major customers include: NISSAN, TOYOTA, HONDA, KYOCERA , RICOH, ALPHA



About the equipment capacity, the clamp force range from ,the injection molding machines maintain some famous brand, like FANUC etc.Each injection molding machine is equipped with a robot arm and the corresponding cooling machine, mold temperature controller and other ancillary equipment to ensure automatic production and the stability of product qualities. 12Quality Control

We set up relatively completed quality control system,we use formal quality systems to manage the overall quality process and use precision measurement facilities by our well-trained team. All tooling and parts produced at our facility are constantly monitored by our Quality Control Department to meet your specifications including material, dimensional accuracy, surface finish, molding standards, inspection criteria, and packaging.    

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