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Mold Making

Meixing has nearly 70 staff in mold department.They are divided into different groups includes CNC, EDM, wire-cutting, polishing, grinding, assembly, repairing and production control .With ERP System and mould standardize, all aspects have been enhanced such as quality control system. Design team use CAD, CAE and CAM to assist design. CAD output 2D drawing and 3D image. CAE simulation is to ensure optimal manufacturing mode and then using CAM for computer imitation. Relying on advanced equipment and 18 years experience, Meixing has built a diversified customer base.


Design is the first as well as the very important procedure in mold manufacturing.A well-designed mold can reduce the overall cost of the tooling and parts in production as well as reduce the tuning time after mold trial, and hence directly benefit to our customers. All molds are carefully designed to maximize its service life and to ease maintenance with automatic for production efficiently. Understanding advanced mold making process and technologies, we utilize the latest CAD/CAM tools to transform our customer’s concepts into viable finished products.We will communicate with customer quickly and effectively to accommodate all mold design modifications or revisions. The software we employ includes Pro/E Cero2.0, AutoCAD 2012, UG NX8.0.We are Capable of converting 3D data files from any formats, such as IGES, DXF, STL, STEP, etc. For the provided 3D part model, we will review clearly and make feasibility report and feedback to customers for any problems we found before start mold design. de




Our expertise make our products exported to many countries. We have accumulated rich tooling and project management experience,especially proficient with auto mold, home appliance mold,office equipment mold,etc. We also familiar with standard of DME , HASCO and MISUMI.


Quality Control 

We set up relatively completed quality control system,we use formal quality systems to manage the overall quality process and use precision measurement facilities by our well-trained team. Our Main QC equipment includes SEREIN 3D measuring,2D measuring device. All tooling and parts produced at our facility are constantly monitored by our Quality Control Department to meet your specifications including material, dimensional accuracy, surface finish, molding standards, inspection criteria.


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